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DealPOS Top Feature Q1 2021

2020 has been a long year — but we got through it! Many have lost jobs or closed our businesses. All of us have had to deal with a new reality and come to adapts with a new normal. Despite of all of that, we have a lot to be thankful for, therefore DealPOS has not given up on creating more features that will certainly help business players overcome the pandemic. Here are what innovations we have launched in the 1st quarter of 2021


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1. New Customer Help Center

In 2021, DealPOS provides a few updates with our Customer Help Center with the intention of improving the support service’s quality.

Some recent updates from our Customer Help Center include:

1. Knowledge Center

There are some changes to the user interface of the help center, we make it more simple to read and more accessible.

2. Multiple Conversation

Now, we can separate different topic for each chat room where you can continue your last conversation

3. Bot Suggestion

The bot will automatically provide article recommendations according to your questions.

4. Broadcast Messenger

Broadcast messages make it easier to convey information if there are any feature updates and new promotion from DealPOS. So you can get the information faster and earlier.

2. Pay Dealpos Subscription With Online Payment

Previously, you may have difficulty paying your subscription manually with Bank Payment or Credit Card and need manual confirmation, too. Now, we already have payment (Credit/Debit Card, e-Wallets, and ATM/Bank Transfer) with automatic confirmation.

3. New Role View, Create, Edit And Delete

DealPOS system offers many different roles that will later be used to give or restrict access from users contained on to DealPOS link that use. At present DealPOS has roles with a new UI friendly look, which makes it easy for you to do my role settings for your user group.

4. Dealpos App Store

Previously, DealPOS had multiple add-on feature that include in the main domain/link, as now, we already place those in a dedicated web. It makes your main domain/link POS works faster and more stable!


1. Minimum Inventory At Marketplace Channel

The minimum inventory configuration can be used when you want to have different stock settings in each store in the marketplace or when you don’t want to sell a little leftover goods at Shopee / Tokopedia.

Or when there is reject goods, for example when you have many shops, sometimes the stock has reject goods, so you can adjust how much of the reject stock is usually in 1 SKU so that when it reaches the minimum limit, the goods cannot be sold in the marketplace anymore, because it includes reject goods.

2. Multiple Outlet For Product Inventory

In the Marketplace section, you can set different outlet for Order/Invoice Record, Inventory Source, and Product Inventory. Let’s say you have 3 different outlets, warehouses or storages, you can set all of them as Product Inventory Warehouse as this gif shows below:

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