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August 2020 Update

17 August Indonesia Independence Day, is sacred day for the indonesian people. on that day a new milestone in the journey of the indonesian people began with the proclamations of independence.

This Month We develop new improvement and new feature in DealPOS environment, that will help Your work environment easier.

Here is what’s new from our program :

Major Update

1. Optimization Report menu

This newest update DealPOS optimizes the system specifically on report menu with the latest framework support, the performance system on report menu becomes more optimal and faster

Minor Update

1. Sales order type icon on order Menu

To find out the differences in sales that occur in POS, between offline store sales and online store, now we display icons from Shopee, Tokopedia, offline store on order page, so you can quickly find out which transactions include online store / offline store.

2. New role for General Ledger in Accounting

In some case the admin on your store doesn’t want to display the General Ledger reports for a certain user, therefore DealPOS added a new access role to view or hide General ledger in accounting menu

3. Add hyperlink to customer name in sales order

This newest updates, dealPOS added new feature to Orders menu, now you can click customer name which will linked in to the customer’s name on contact menu.

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