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July 2020 Update

International Children’s Day celebrations vary by country. For International Children’s Day is set every June 1. In Indonesia National Children’s Day is held every July 23. History of National Children’s Day was first conceived by the second President of the Republic of Indonesia, Number 44 of 1984 on 19 July 1984

This Month We develop new improvement and new feature in DealPOS environment, that will help Your work environment easier.

Here is what’s new from our program :

Major Update

1. Add Calculation Cogs in Variant Update History

Cost of Goods Sold (HPP) itself has the meaning that all costs incurred by a company to produce or get a product or service that will later be sold back to customers. In this update, we display the history and calculations in the variant update history whenever there is a price change when you purchase an item


Minor Update :

1. Report Summary New export with coupon

2. New Page for Payment Received By User

3 . New Role For General Ledger in Accounting


Mobile Apps Minor Update :

1. Now! Mobile Apps Support for Digital Scaling

If bussiness sell fruits or meat which is need digital scaling. Currently DealPOS on Mobile Apps is able to scan print out by digital scaling. So you do not need to input manual product with weight customers bought

2. View Inventory in Sell Item Detail

To make it easy you should to know stock position of all products. In time you input product into cart, you also can knowing stock was available

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