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May 2020 Update

Labor Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. Labour Day has its origins in the labor union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

So that this May is quite a busy month in DealPOS, this month We make some new feature in DealPOS that will help Your work easier.

Here is what’s new from our program :

1. My Subscription – Pay With Qris

One of payment to facilitate you in monthly or annual bill payments at dealPOS, we provide Qris payment method. You can directly scan the code with payment media that support QR code ex: Gopay, Dana, Ovo, BCA Mobile Banking Etc.

Go to My Subscription – In This Page you can see all invoice – Click Pay Now (2)

2. Send Invoice Payment via Whats app and Pay with Qris

To get easier payment after you create invoice transaction to the customer, now you can send the payment outstanding via whatsapp and then pay directly with Qris by scanning Qr code. (1)

3. Send Invoice via E-Mail and Pay with Qris

this method intended if you run an online store for your business
it will get easier to pay the customer invoice outstanding transaction payment by sending via Email. so the customer do not need to come into the store and just pay with Qris

4. New Page – Record Payment Detail.

In some case the owner or cashier in your store would like to know where the payment come from, now you can track each payment record transaction on payment Menu (1)

5. New Role – Delivery Receiver.

In any case the admin willing to set the Receiver after creating delivery on Delivery menu, now you can assign for any user in your account to access it by activate new role Delivery Receiver.


6. Divide editor for Buy and Sell Menu.

Previously DealPOS have OrdersEditor to edit on BUY,SELL, but now if we separate it to 2 different roles so you won’t get confused which roles to activate when you want to give access to edit the orders

7. New Role – Webhook and Developer access configuration

New role allows you to view or Hide Webhook and Developer configuration on setup Menu. this will prevent any user to change the config.


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