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Dealpos Third Quarter Road Map

Enter the third quarter on this year, we still  haunted by covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic change a lot things in the world. To face a new normal, we improve and develop our product to still usable and relevant. Currently we develop integrated omni channel product and integrate POS to

Marketplace integration

E-commerce is one business who growth in this pandemic, its because many people choose to online shopping because safety reason. With this situation we try develop omni channel product which allow you to sync data from marketplace to your POS. For now you can sync your product, inventory and transaction in marketplace to POS.  we still develop another feature for this product. This product will launch on August 2020.

We will provide marketplace integration for Tokopedia and Shopee, more on the feature can be read in Integration

We integrated to jurnal by mekari. so our customer will able to integrate their orders  data to jurnal system. Dealpos will send orders data to jurnal every closure register to create an Accounting journal in Jurnal App so you can see more detailed accounting reports.



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