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March 2020 Update

Every March 3rd, the world celebrate the World Wildlife Day, for your information this day was proposed by Thailand, to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora.

To celebrate this day, here is our celebration update in this month from our program :

Major Update

Mobile Apps – Support all network printer type

Previously DealPOS only support for specific network printers, but now our system support connecting for all types of network printers.


Promotion by Quantity – Purchase requirement can select from category product

Previously DealPOS only able to set promotion by variant, but Now you can set promotion by category product to promotion event by quantity type.


Minor Update

1.  New config for disable “merge table”  in Park Session

Now you can enable or disable Merge function in park table mode when you created transaction on park order.

2. New Config to show storage in Sell

in some case when doing sell transaction, you want to display the placement where the product was saved. you need to activate this feature.

3. New config – Authorization only able to delete item on retrieve and unpaid bill

Previously we only had config to delete all park orders and items, because there are some requirements that the user should not allowed deleting entire park orders so we split this config into :
– User able to delete park orders and items
– user able to delete items but can not delete park orders.

4. Create New function to duplicate quick key

Now you can easily duplicate the quick key template without creating the new one, when you create a new outlet with the same quick key template.

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