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February 2020 Update

According to Chinese calendar, Chinese New Year 2571 marks the start of the rat year. The Chinese calendar is a calendar that uses both the solar cycle and the moon cycle (lunisolar). Chinese New Year is usually celebrated by having dinner with family, cleaning the house to wipe out last year’s “misfortune” and welcoming “good fortune” in the new year. To welcome good fortune this year, Dealpos has prepared some few updates :

Web Based

New! Inventory Traffic by Log

To help you monitor every movement of your products sold, we add a new report at menu inventory to monitor the traffic of products sold based on logs, for future development not only for products sold but also for products purchased, delivery or manufacture.


Minor Update:

1. Add User Created by in Treatment Page

Now every time there is a treatment on the prepaid package menu it will be recorded who the user made the transaction, so it can provide additional information to you to monitor your business activities.

2. Add New Filter “Exclude Non Inventory” At Product Sold

We try to understand your need for a report that will be useful for your analysis where in this update we add a new filter to the product sold report, “Exclude Non Inventory”. The “Exclude Non Inventory” filter is useful to help you display or eliminate all products of the Non Inventory type, for example you don’t want to show shipping costs or any other services because you don’t count the product as your sales.

3. Add New filter for due date in Customer Invoice

In this update we also added a new filter to the order menu precisely on the customer invoice tab. The new filter we added is “Due Date”. The “Due Date” filter can help you filter data from customer invoices based on the due date that you provide when you make a sale with accounts receivable on the sell menu

4. Add New Coloumn at Promotion List

Now in the promotion list we add additional columns that display data from the Minimum Quantity, Product Requirements and Reward, so you no longer need to do a 1-1 check into the promotion you have made


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