Monthly Newsletter Products Update

Januari 2020 Update

This month is the first chapter page of 12 page book 2020. In this first blank page. We have updated new features that will make you easier to use our system. Here is the update of our application for this month :

Web Based

New! UI for add product form and info

We really focused on the simplicity of the DealPOS user experience. We already simplify add product menu for you, so you can add your new products more easier. With this new update, we had to combine some important form (that must be filled to add your product) and separate with optional form.


New! DealPOS View For Mobile Phone

previously, our application is only able for tablet devices, but now we had release DealPos view for mobile phone.  This feature is really suitable if your company have  often to hold exhibition or bazaar because you just need one mobile phone and one bluetooth printer. Easy, right?

New! Integration for TADA

TADA is one of the famous loyalty apps system in Indonesia, so we had a collaboration with TADA to build an integration between DealPos and TADA. With this collaboration hopefully will make user experience from your company is more easier when using Dealpos and TADA.

New! Purchase Order With Approval ( 2 step )

This new feature make every purchasing transaction in your company have must been approved by purchasing supervisor. If your company have a employee whom doing purchasing transaction, is always required approval from the supervisor to complete the transaction. So your purchasing transaction become more safety.

Minor Update:

1. New! UI for My Profile – Adjust to new Role UI

New appearance on my profile page. Now you can also change your login password from my profile page.

2. New! Page for Loyalty Points Earned

We added a new page to see loyalty point earnings. You can use this page if you want to see the history of your loyalty income.

3. New! Tool to update Product cost from composite cost

We have new tools for updating costs of products that have composite types in composites product.

4. New! Alert when change point for prepaid package in products and confirmation when the point is ‘0’

now, when you change product treatment package points, the changes will be recorded in the update history. and if the point changes to 0, there will be a notification pop up to confirm the change.

5. New! Role for ShippingRestriction role to Buy

‘ShippingRestriction’ role used for disable delivery option on BUY  menu, so every delivery transaction will follow default setup.

6. New! Role for Search Restriction

This role used to disable search feature in sell page. This role only work on mobile apps.

7. Add Delete button in Manufacture

Now you can delete you work order manufacture process even the process already done. So if you create a wrong work order manufacture, you can instantly delete it.

8. Move Tools regenerate journal from POS to Accounting

Now we move tools for regenerate journal from POS tools to Accounting tools.


New! Access control type for COA in Accounting (Public & Private)

On this version, you can hide COA from public . We add access control option in COA menu, so you can chose private COA which is only certain user can access that COA, or Public COA which is every user can access.

Minor Update:

1. New! UI for Accounting Setup and Global

We had changed user interface on the setup page to make it simply and easier for you .

2. New! Role for AccountingAdd (For Input Only)

if your user its only for journal input without delete and edit access, you can add “AccountingAdd” role to the user.

3. Add Tools to regenerate Shift Journal

Previously we only had regenerate journal tools by transaction invoice. Now, we add new regenerate shift journal tools for everyone whose using shift setup for accounting.

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