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Desember 2019 Update

Thank you for being a loyal customer using the DealPOS application until the end of 2019. Many lessons and challenges have been passed in 2019 that we will make as the foundation to make DealPOS even better in terms of product and customer service. At the end of this year we have also prepared several minor updates including:

Minor Update:

1. New Role “Return”

Same as in Sell Menu, now the “Return” role Authorization can also be used in “Buy” Menu. Unless the user dont have this role, they can not input negative quantity for return in Buy Menu.

2. New Report “Sales Order Type”

In this update, we provide a new report to make it easier for you to view Sales Order reports based on the Order type you choose when making a sales transaction. If you don’t understand Sales Order Type, you can read it in the following article “Sales Order Type”. As for examples of its use for FnB business types such as differentiating Dine-In and Take-Away orders and while retail types can be used to distinguish Offline and Online / Ecommerce transactions.

3. New Show “Payment Status”

For the current version if you visit Contact details information from the Customer or Supplier. If you look at the Sales History table there is a new column that contains payment status data for each transaction. You can use this information to monitor payment data for each of your customers if in business activities you provide payments with a tempo / debt.

4. New “Payment Received” at Primary Tab

Based on the results of the analysis that our development team has done to optimize the DealPOS application. We move a number of reports to make it easier and faster to be accessed by DealPOS users such as “Payment Received” which is currently transferred to the primary tab on the payment menu.

5. New Direct Link When You Click “Variant At ROP”

ROP (Re-Order Point) is one of the features of DealPOS that makes it easy for you to determine the recommended minimum and maximum stock of each product or you can read this article Minimum and maximum Inventory . With ROP you can get information on which products require stock as soon as possible and how many quatities you need to add based on the specified drinking limit. And for this latest update you can click on the variants which will be directed to the variant information details page.

6. New UI Reports For “Top Brand”

Did you know when in a product you can enter the brand of a product ?. If you have entered a brand for each product that you enter into the DealPOS system we have one special report for “Top Brand” which helps you get the most frequently sold brand information which later from the report data can provide more information for you

7. Optimize “Payment Received” Page

We realize the importance of loading a website affects the user experience of you as our loyal customer. Therefore we try to do optimization on every page that is often accessed by users and one of them is the “Payment Received” page where on that page you can see the payment information entered based on the payment method used by the customer when making a transaction settlement.

8. New Filter “Outlet Group” in Inventory by Outlet, Product Inventory Traffic Summary and Detail

Inventory menu is a menu that helps you to buy stock of all your products in the DealPOS application. Updated this time we also added a new filter based on the outlet group you selected.

9. New Coloumn for Note2 and Config For Change Label Note

If your business type is engaged in services such as treatment, salon or gym, of course every customer who comes needs to check-in and check-out. In the previous version when you checked out there was only one note that you could fill in, but in the latest update this time we added one more note when you checked out the customer. In addition to adding notes we also make a new config that you can use to change the labels of the two notes.You can follow this article for “Config Change Label For Note At Menu Prepaid Package”

10. New Config “Visible Time”

Every time you make a sales transaction you need to provide a receipt / print out invoice to your customer as proof of the transaction. In the receipt / print out of the invoice generally contains the product / service purchased, the price of the product, the amount / quantity, the total nominal that must be paid, the officer making the transaction and the date and time the transaction was carried out. For this update, we created a new config to visible or Unvisible the transaction time when printing out receipt / invoice. You can follow this article for ” Config Visible Time”

11. New Filter by Quantity in Inventory by Category

In this update we add filter by quantity in Inventory by Category. where you can specify displaying stock products based on the amount of stock you want to see. For example, you want to display a product with a total stock of 10 and above.

12. New! Create new API for Payment Receive by Outlet

API is a software or system that allows two applications to be connected to one another. You can check the API documentation that we have created at DealPOS Documentation API . Now we add new API for payment receive by outlet. you can check in this link API for Payment Receive

13. New Product Sales Export by Best Seller

If you need data on what products are sold and you also want to know which products are most often sold, you can go to the reports menu and then go to the product sales tab. On that page you will find an export button, where you can download the report into the CSV file format. Where in this update we add an export option based on best sellers, the data in CSV format that you have downloaded will present data based on products that are often sold.

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