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November 2019 Update

Hero’s Day or known as National Hero’s Day is a moment to celebrate Nation fighters  that fight invaders. In this heroic moment, DealPOS launching new features to make your work easier. Here is the update of our application for this month.


Point Of Sales

1. New! UI for Roles (Group Form)

in this version we already make group form UI more user friendly and easier. we have make new interface. (19)


2. New! Add Reorder box in Report – Product Sales

for now you can update Re-order on point in product sales report. in this feature you need to filter using outlet,category and variant to activated the Update ROP Field.



3. New! UI for shift (My Shift – Active Shift – Previous Shift)

in this update we have add more option for shifting. for now you will see 3 sub menus in shift My shift , Active shift and Previous shift. now you can more easily to check your personal shift and active shift at the moment. you also can check past shift if you want to make any correction or re-print the settlement from previous shift (20)


4. New! Delete button for Offline Orders

We added new feature to delete your offline orders in POS. so you don’t need to clear your browser cache anymore. You must have access to GlobalEditor or OrdersEditor. (22)


5. New! Add Search box and Filter by ‘0’ in Inventory by Category

in this version we added Search box and filter in inventory menus. now you can check specific product stock by typing the product name. also if you want to show zero Quantity product you can filter by set the Quantity form to Zero. (23)

6. New! Info for Parked Order History in Variant Info

For now we added history function for parked order on variant. now you can track parked order history using this feature. (25)

Minor Update:

1. New! Config for payment note printing

New configuration to show or hide payment note on invoice

2. New! Add Export for promotion event

Now export your promotion event list in Format CSV File

3. New! Add total quantity in Customer Delivery

Customer delivery now have total quantity product

4. New! Change inventory at date function

For now Inventory at date base on inventory log product

5. New! Filter for Outlet and Category in Inventory – Negative

For now you can filtered by outlet on negative inventory

6. Update! Fix UI to add item in promotion

In this version we have adjust Interface on promotion item

7. Optimize export Parked Orders

Optimizing parked order access pages

8. Update! Remove Add & Edit Shift by date

in this version we have remove add & edit shift by date in previous settlement



1. New! Add new COA Option For Product Category

in this update we already added new menus for assign Chart of account by product category. this function used only if you want have to customize COA on specific category product (27)

2. Update! Show COA note in Journal in General Ledger

in this update we are already make Chart of Account note appeared on general ledger. so for now you can check your COA note in general ledger report (29)

Minor Update:

1. New! UI for Accounting – Receive Income

We have new interface for receive income Page

2. Update! Apply access control in Accounting – Recurring

In this update you can separate the access outlets on the account for accessing recurring

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