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October 2019 Update

Halloween or Hallowe’en is a celebration observed in several countries on 31 October. It begins the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.
In this celebration , DealPOS launching new features to make your work easier. Here is the update of our application for this month:

Point Of Sale

1. New! Select Multiple Outlet on Report filter

Now you can filter for each the outlet report. To make it easier for you to create a daily report. (15)

2. New! Promotion for Cheapest Items

This promotion applies if the customer buy a product with a fixed amount then he entitled to get  reward 1 product free at the lowest unit price.

3. New! Promotion for Buy X Get Y

This Promotion applies if there is a customer who wants to buy a product then he entitled to get 1 more product that you have specified. Example: Customer A buys Jeans, then he is entitled to a free strap waist bonus.

4. Update! Sign When Configuration changed from default

We will give a sign when there is a configuration that is not in the default. We sign with we mark it with black block (16)


Minor Update

1. New! Column for OrderPrice Import&Export Product

We add a new column in csv  for order order price when you export and import order price

2. New! Alert When Final amount Different from Receipt

A notification alert will appear if the nominal transaction amount differs from the nominal payment amount when you make a sale or purchase transaction.

3. New! Show Client Number in Orders

Now you can check which transactions have the invoice number changed when you upload an offline order transaction

4. New! Filter Option on Loyalty for Timestamp Range

The additional filter for  timestamp ( Date ) on the loyalty point page

5. New! Filter on Report Category Sales to hide ‘0’ Sales Category

New filters in your report categories can show or remove categories for which transactions are ‘0’

6. New! Configuration Set Limit Syncronize Product

Now you can determine the maximum amount of cache of products that you download

7. New! Configuration, Not Showing 1st Payment method in split Payment

Now there is a configuration to not display the same payment method when a transaction uses partial payment

8. New! Configuration, Make Sign up Outlet Mandatory

A new configuration that makes the outlet mandatory when you register a new customer

9. Update! Can’t input Zero ‘0’ Quantity in Selling Cart

In Sell Menu you cannot input the ‘0’ qty when making a transaction

10. Update! Add Payment need DateEditor for Custom Payment Date

Now you must have a dateeditor role to make transactions with a custom date

11. Update! Live Chat will take your login data as Chat source

You don’t need to input some data such as e-mail when you want to have a live chat with our support if, because the system will automatically retrieve from your user profile


1. New! Outlet Access Control on Journal Access

At this time you don’t need a lot of charts of accounts when you want to see accounting reports base on outlet, when you create a new journal, you just need to select the outlet (18)

2. New! Configuration, Audit Journal on Accounting

If accounting need check and balances, you can activate this feature,This feature is made so that when the journal is made by your staff, the journal must be approved by you to be included in the report (17)

Minor Update

1. New! UI in Record Expense

Dealpos has a new UI appearance in the accounting menu at the expense record


2. New! a new config for make a note mandatory when create a new joirnal

new config If you want to require entering notes every journal entry in the accounting menu

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