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October 2019 Update

Halloween or Hallowe’en is a celebration observed in several countries on 31 October. It begins the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.
In this celebration , DealPOS launching new features to make your work easier. Here is the update of our application for this month:

1. Add new config or determine how many products that wanted to be sync for offline mode.

In this update now you can setting to sell in offline mode, with more products than before.


2. Add alert if final amount different from receipt

Now the total of sale are different from total printing, there will be an error message and deactivated printing, so that the total will return to normal and has to reprint the invoice.



3. Add new filter in loyalty for timestamp date

For customer loyalty, can now be filtered by timestamp date. (1)


4. Show mobile phone in export Orders – Customer Invoice

Export order, now there is an additional new column in name mobile phone,
so now can display telephone numbers on customer invoices.csv . (2)


5. Add new report for Brand Sales Analysis

Now you can see reports for each brand of sales analysis,  its purpose to make it easier when checking brands. (3).gif


6. Add export import for first name, last name and race in contacts

In the contact menu we have added additional columns first name, last name and race name on import and export contacts. (4)


7. Add filter multiple outlet in Report Detail, Summary and Product Sales

Now you can filter for each the outlet report. To make it easier for you to create a daily report. (5)


8. Apply outlet access control to Accounting

For our accounting menu, already supports the income statement and report balance sheet each outlet, without to make COA each outlet. (6).gif

9. Add audit journal in Accounting 

If accounting need check and balances, you can activate this feature,This feature is made so that when the journal is made by your staff, the journal must be approved by you to be included in the report (7).gif


10.  Rename Closure to Shift 

For the current update version the Clousure Menu is renamed to shift



10. Add FIFO note in invoice

11. Performance improvement for Live Chat (don’t need to input email every time customers want to chat support)

To make it easier for you, if your user has already entered an email, when you live chat you are no longer need to fill in several forms

12. Add new column in export inventory for UOM

we have added the UOM column to the CSV file after exporting data from inventory.

13. Add new config to require journal note when create journal in Accounting

If you turn on this config, you are required to fill in the notes when adding the manual journal.

14. Show UOM in buy

now you can see the measurement of each product when yo make purchasing order in buy  Menu.

15. Add new column in export complete detail – report detail for promotion coupon

we have added column for promotion coupon in CSV file. after exporting data from menu report by complete detail.

16. New UI for Record Expense

enjoy your new experience with  our New User interface with more comfortable and detail as you need. 

17. Add New Config for Payment in Sell – Not showing chosen 1st payment method

now you can configure the payment method when you split the payment if there are more then one method, you can choose whether it will be shown or not shown the first payment method. this will make you easier to divine a payment method .

18. Add new column in export product for point

we have added new column for loyalty point in CSV file after exporting data from product Menu

19. Select Outlet for User Group – use same handling like User

to make you easier in selecting the outlet instantly  from user group.

20. Sell – Don’t allow input qty=0

now the system will reject the sell transaction with zero quantity of the product.




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