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August 2019 Update

17 August Indonesia Independence Day, is sacred day for the indonesian people. on that day a new milestone in the journey of the indonesian people began with the proclamations of independence.

This Month We develop new improvement and new feature in DealPOS environment, that will help Your work environment easier.

Here is what’s new from our program :

1. Add Info Point Used in Closure

Now you can more easily get loyalty point report. for now you will get loyalty point used in settlement report daily.

2. Add new export with outlet list in inventory by category

Now you can export your inventory with an additional information. we have added export with outlet list in inventory export button, you will get you inventory data with outlets list in excel.

3. Add Payment note and code at cash payment in buy menu

In this update we have make cash payment on buy bring up payment note and code like in the sell. now you can give note to the payment when you have create Purchase Order.


4. Add new role for Adjustment Input

In this update we have made new role for adjustment. with this role you can only make an adjustment but can’t edit or delete any adjustment have been created.


5. Add new Property for total quantity and amounth in API get Inventory Adjustment Detail


6. Add new filter for due date in account receiveable detail

Now you have a new feature that makes it easy for you to filter you AR data. we have add new filter option that makes you can filter the AR data by Due Date.


7. Add new property for sales person in API Get Invoice Detail List


8. New page for outlet performance report detail

Now we provide a new button in outlet performance. now you can see you summary or detail outlet performance with this new button.


9. Add recycle bin for parked orders

Now in this latest update, you can see you canceled parked order


10. Add adjustment COA for COA per Outlets

For now you can set you adjustment ChartOfAccount with each outlet ChartOfAccount. this features make you easily change your Adjustment COA by outlets if you have use COA Per Outlets.


11. Add new promotion for cheapest item

Now you can create a new promotion. if the customer makes a lot of purchases then the goods with the lowest price will be free.


12. New role for inventory2 , monitor2 and Customer Display

In this update we also made new roles for these menu. its make you easily restrict the user that you doesn’t want to access your inventory2 , monitor2 or your customer display menu.


13. Add new config to show brand in sell and invoice

In this update now you can make your product brand showed up on sell menu and invoice. this setup will help your customer to see what’s brand of the product you have sold and make difference between items if the product have a similar name.


14. Add new config in variant for cost equals to price

In this update we also made new configuration for variant thats make the cost will be the same as price. this function is also used for shipping cost, with this setting when you have use shipping cost as product the payment of shipping will be not recorded as profit because the cost is always follow the price you have set in sell menu.


15. Add new button in promotion coupon form to expired coupon

in this update we have made new button for expired promotion coupon. no you can manually expired a promotion coupon that you want to be expired by click the new button.


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