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July 2019 Update

International Children’s Day celebrations vary by country. For International Children’s Day is set every June 1. In Indonesia National Children’s Day is held every July 23. History of National Children’s Day was first conceived by the second President of the Republic of Indonesia, Number 44 of 1984 on 19 July 1984

This Month We develop new improvement and new feature in DealPOS environment, that will help Your work environment easier.

Here is what’s new from our program :

1. New Promotion for Specific Product

Now you can provide attractive promotions to your customers, where in this update we have added a new feature, Promotion for Specific Products.

2. New Config for Member Code Visibility in Printing

Now you can generate Member Code from your customers on each of your transaction invoices. You  only need to activated the configuration at Printing Configuration.

Customer Code Config V2

3. New UI for Customer Display System

In this update we present an attractive User Interface when viewed by your customers.  Not only the appearance of the user interface, but here we also present new features that make it easy to enter your new customer data and new config feature for choose Outlet at Customer Display System.


4. New UI for Configuration

In this update we also made significant changes to the User Interface display when configuring the DealPOS application. Where in this new look you more easily find the configurations that you want to change.

New UI Dealpos

5. New UI for Used Promotion Coupon

In this Update, we have also made some improvements to the UI For Used Promotion Coupon. Where in the present view we make it more proportional, neat and more pleasant to look at.

UI Promotion Used

6. Add Search in Promotion at Sell

Now you have a new feature that makes it easy for you to search for products that you have added to your promotion.

Search Promotion

7. Background Highlight for Expired and Last day Promotion Event

To make it easier for you to manage and monitor the promotions that you have made, we add colors to the list of promotion events.

8. New Tool to regenerate jurnal in Adjustment

Now we provide a new tool that can be used for you to regenerate the Adjustment journal

9. Add Note in Closure

Now in this latest update, you can add payment notes to your closure. The payment note can provide more information when you close the Register.

10. New Button to verify payment in Gopay Payment

For now you can verify Gopay Payment, just  click the Verify Payment button after the customer scans the QR barcode,  if the payment verification process is successful the system will automatically display the payment invoice.

11. New Config for Printing Packing Slip after Sell

For Newest update, new config now available for show packing slip at your mini invoice  when you finish making sales input in the sell menu

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