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May 2019 Update

Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. Labour Day has its origins in the labour union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

So that this May is quite a busy month in DealPOS, this month We make some new feature in DealPOS that will help Your work easier.

Here is what’s new from our program :

1. New Page for Register Closure Updates

Yes we have move our register closure page to orders. Not only, we have an improvement on our new fresh User Interface for our closure page so your eyes can be refreshed with this UI updates.


2. Converter for CSV to Json on Import Order

Currently we use json to import order, some of you might be confused for importing order using json, no worries we got your back, we have a converter from csv file to json, because not everybody are understand what is json. It will help you to importing your order through json.


3. Product Next Product

In our new updates, with this features that we specified for quick key usefulness. We have a new features named Product Next Product. With this feature you can assign a product that you can link with another product in quick key. So after you select a product from quick key it will automatically move to another quick key that you linked before.


4. User Update History Log

In our updates we have a new features to checking every user log history. So you can track user activity here. You can access it in user menu.



5. New Role for Log Restriction and BundlingPrice

We have updated a new role with LogRestricition with this restriction any user who doesn’t have access they can’t see any log such as product update log, inventory log, etc. BundlingPrice Restriction, with this restriction any use who doesn’t have access they can’t merge/bundling product in sell menu.


6. Adding New Config in Accounting for Purchase Return and Discount

We added a new column in Accounting menu for Purchase Return and Discount so you can see the balance of Discount and Purchase Return Chart of Account.


7. Add Purchase Info in Dashboard

In may updates you can see any Purchase Info in the dashboard menu.

Untitled Project.gif


8. Add User info when Retrieve Park Order

In this update we add user info when retrieving order so you can see who made and park the order when you retrieve it from sell menu.


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