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March 2019 Update

Every March 3rd, the world celebrate the World Wildlife Day, for your information this day was proposed by Thailand, to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora.

To celebrate this day, here is our celebration update in this month from our program :

1. Import and Export Orders by JSON

Currently you can export your order data and import it again without need to process the data again. This is very useful for those who need to export data from one link to another link without need for data processing first.


2. Payment Suggestion

Add recommendation Payment.gif

This feature will help you in providing payment suggestion in accordance to the amount that must be paid by the customer. It will really help you where you don’t need to input the nominal manually.

3. New UI and UX for Products Import

We will always present a friendly UI and UX where you can more easily to use our features. And at the moment we back to make UI and UX for product import.

delivery approval.png
4. Contacts Support Upload Image

Many of our customers need customer information based on the photo of their customers, for this reason we are now launching the upload image feature where you can see customers information including their photos.

add new customer pict.gif

5. Generate Journal for Outlet Delivery

At present, besides you can generate journals for sales order and purchase order you can also generate journals for outlet delivery. If you have changed the invoice of outlet delivery in the POS, you can match the data in POS and Accounting again by generating journals for outlet delivery and if you want to make a journal for outlet delivery  before you using our accounting module, you also can use the generate journal feature.

6. 4 Steps Delivery (Request, Approval, Dispatched and Received)

We launched a new feature for delivery outlets where in this feature has 4 steps (Request, Approval, Dispatched and received).
The steps are: first, make a request;  second, requester waiting  for approval;  third, if approved will be dispatched; and  fourth, Received the items.

4 step delivery.gif

7. Note for Copy Receipt

REprint Order.gif

Many of our customers request to be differentiated between receipts that are directly from transactions and receipts that are printed through the orders menu or re-print. Where re-print be marked to be able to distinguish between receipts that are directly from the transaction and re-print.
To answer that, we have made a configuration to distinguish it. So it will be easier for you to distinguish it.

8. FIFO Costing (Beta)

Currently we also support viewing Fifo costing.

9. New Report for Loyalty Point Usage

In this new feature you can view reports for using loyalty points which will make it easier for you to see your member points usage. (12).gif

10. New Report for Product to Receive

In this feature you can see the report for the product  to receive.

11. New Promotion for Happy Hour Promotion

In this new feature you can make a promotion for happy hour promotion

New Promotion for Happy Hour Promotion.gif

12. New Column for Custom Price in Barcode Printing

In this feature you can input the custom price to suit your need. It will not affect the original price of the item.

New Coloumn custom price for printing barcode.gif

13. Show Customer Image in Treatment Menu

Now, in the treatment menu you can see your customer photo. It will make you easier  to view customer information based on their photos. But beforehand you have to upload the photo of your customers in the contact menu.

cs photo in treatment.gif

14. Accounting – New Config for Inventory Arrival

Now , our accounting module we have a configuration for inventory arrival, where you can control your journal based on the journal for the inventory arrival.

Accounting - New Config Inventory Arrival.gif

15. Mailbox Layer

With register mailbox layer, When you send receipt invoice with email, You can check your customer mail is valid or not valid.

Mailbox Layer.gif



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