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February 2019 Update

Chinese culture give very importance to wealth and richness, and they follow lot customs and gestures to attract the money. You can see money gods small statue in Chinese cars and in their house. It is also considered that they give high value to money related blessings. In this chinese new year we have updated new features to make you easier. Here is the update of our application for this month :

1. New feature for Customer Display

Your customers can immediately see the purchases they made at CDS.
With this Customer display you can also bring up any promotions that are happening in your store to your customers

Customer Display.gif

2. Contacts now support upload image

Currently you can upload photos of your customers, so when there is the same customer name, you can recognize it through by photos.

3. Add Pie Chart in Treatment – Peak Hour

This report really helps you to see how many of your customers come to do treatment based on time, we make into 3 times namely, Morning, afternoon and evening

4. Standard product can add components

Now, you can create standard product type with components that you can put in the product.

5. Accounting config for Inventory Arrival

This new configuration is for set up the cogs journal. So you can set journal as you need according to inventory arrival.

Inventory Arrival.gif

6. Reprint invoice now show that it’s a copy

Label copy when re-print invoice.
We have given the difference between the original invoice and the copy invoice, you can see the difference through the label we gave in the copy invoice on the top left side

REprint Order.gif

7. Config to rename Discount, Discount 2, Tax, AR & APCollection and Receipt Copy Label

Configuration for changing labels from discount, discount 2, tax, AR & AP Collection and Receipt Copy Label

Dikson Label.gif

8. Register closure can retrieve from different

This feature allows you to retrieve even  you are logged in with a different account.

Register closure can retrieve from different.gif

9. Item Calculator now support in Buy

10. Sales Return Serialized Inventory

If there are items that want to be returned, you can now do this on the sell page.

Retuurn Serialized.gif

11. Add Created Time Column at Orders, Delivery and Payment Detail

Now you can see the created time in these section so that you will know when it was made.

Add Coloum Date.gif

12. New UI in Dashboard

This UI will make information more informative with the information provided in more detail.

13. Add Discount Column at Park Order Report

This feature is for you who need information discount colomn at part order report. Now you can know the discount with details.

Coloum discount in park order report.gif

14. Add New Inventory Page for Serialized Products

If previously you did not found stock in the inventory menu for serial number product, now in this new feature you can see it.

15. New UI for Payment Dialog

We made this UI for you to make payment easier.

16. Add Total Cost in Delivery

Now, in the delivery info you can see total cost.


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