Monthly Newsletter

Januari 2019 Update

This month is the first chapter page of 12 page book 2019. In this first blank page. We have updated new features that will make you easier to use our system. Here is the update of our application for this month :

Web Based

1. Update Outlet Cost when use Delivery Menu

As usually before if you want to update outlet cost you have to go to buy menu or products menu directly and then change the cost. But here with our new feature you can update outlet cost from delivery.

2. Add New Function for Check Out all Waiting Treatment

Now you can checkbox the waiting list with bulk without clicking the checkbox one by one.

GIF Add New Function for Check Out all Waiting Treatment.gif

3. Add Google Calendar in Treatment Page

You can add the date of booked list or events list of your business with Google Calender. So you can easier to see the list of booked or events in your business.

4. Assign Sales Person per Product before payment complete

If you one of some our clients who assign the sales person per product in their business transaction, you will helped with this feature. In this feature, you can assign the sales person per product when you selling.

5. POS support for Digital Scaling

Now, our POS system consistently updating features to help your business need. In this month we have created the feature POS that support for DigitalRegex.

6. Make Request Stock from another outlet in Reorder Point Page

This feature will helped you to make request from ROP without go to delivery menu directly.

7. Discount amount for each product in sell menu

If you ever use discount for each product before, you can not use discount amount. But now you can use discount amount for each product in sell menu.

8. Import promotion coupon

If you want to add promotion coupon with bulk but you can not. Now its possible because we have updated new feature that you can import promotion coupon with bulk using csv file.

9. Add new Role for Commission and Delivery Request Editor

Now, in this new feature you can add role for commission that allow the user specific to edit the commission with restriction to editing the invoices and delivery request for allow the user specific with restriction to editing the delivery detail.

10. Add new report for Outlet Performance in Purchase Report

Previously you could not see the outlet performance in purchase report, but now we have updated the new feature to see the outlet performance in purchase report.

11. Add new inventory report for serialized product

If you previously had trouble seeing the stock of serialized product, now it disappear already because we have created a new feature to helped you see the inventory report.

12. New Config for adjustment prefix

If you need customize prefix number and not default from our system, its a great news for you because now you can customize your adjustment prefix according to your needed. (9).gif

13. Buy Support Unit Quantity Label

If you have a lot outlet, you dont need create one by one. This feature will help you so it will make you save time.

14. Promotion info in sell page

This new feature will inform you about what is the promotion type did you used, so you will now clearly about promotion info that will reduce the human error rate.

15. New User Interface after treatment complete

We have updated the UI after treatment completed, with this new feature we hope you helped. (5).gif


1. Add Library in Sell Page

If you previously had trouble finding product with quick key because too many different product, with this new feature now you can manually search  your product using the library function. we hope it will make transaction more easy and simple for mobile user.

2.  Add Recommendation Payment

This new feature will give you more cash payment variant. we add a choice of nominal cash that is closest to the checkout price. so now you can directly choose nominal amount that recommend, but you still can input manually.

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