Monthly Newsletter Products Update

November 2018 Update

Hero’s Day or known as National Hero’s Day is a moment to celebrate Nation fighters  that fight invaders. In this heroic moment, DealPOS launching new features to make your work easier. Here is the update of our application for this month:

1.Payment Discount Illustration

This feature is used if you have several scenario for the customer that have debt in your account and if they want to pay the debt faster for a less payment in the debt. So, this feature will make you easier to understanding the payment discount illustration in your business. (8).gif

2.Print Barcode – Change Product Name to the Description of the product

This feature allow you to put the description for the information in the barcode label. To use this feature you just need to set on the barcode setting in your DealPOS system and select Yes for Use description as code.


3.Products – Treatment type support component

During the treatment, . So, this feature made to allow you to add components for the treatment, usually to do the treatment you must use the oil, crem, etc. So, if you want to keep tracking the inventory of that item you can just input the item in the treatment component and for each treatment done the inventory will automatically cut. (3).gif

4.Inventory – How to set how many decimal digit in Inventory (Max. 4 Digits)

Now, you can see the variant information that support decimal on inventory for helping you if you want to know the detail of your inventory including the decimal. (7).gif

5.Report – Number of Visitor

This report will inform you about the amount of visitor during business operation. So you will easy to see the total of amount visitor in your business and how much income did you get from each number of visitor. (Note: You can input the number of visitor in the park feature)


6.”Reply to” in E-Invoice support to each outlet ( Every outlet has different email )

If you want to send your sell transaction for each outlet to the customer as the receipt of the sales transaction, you are right to use this to help you to hide the head office if that is necessary in you business. In this feature you can send a receipt according to each outlets.

Gif “Reply to” in E-Invoice support to each outlet ( Every outlet has different email ) (2).gif

7.Outlet Performance Report –  Add new report – year on year comparison

This is a part of report that customer need. This report allow you to see the report year  on year comparison that will make you easier to make decisions for your business need. (6).gif

8.Promotion – Support multiple outlet

No need more time to set promotion for each of your outlets. Through here you can set which outlet you want to apply for the promotion and saving your time for not setting it one by one.

promotion 2 outlet.gif

9.Buy – Differentiate the Purchase Order Number and the Supplier Bill

Need to differentiate between the purchase order number and the supplier number? Don’t worry we have this feature to differentiate the purchase order and supplier bill number. So if you need this feature also, you can use this. (11).gif

10.Report detail – Add new filter for User

In this feature, you can see the report by user. So you will know the transaction that specific user made, so it will help you to keep on track for the transaction that he/she made.

new filter for user.gif

11.Tools – bulk print – Add Time Picker

In this feature you can bulk print a time without waste your time. It will help you to optimize your time too.

bulk print.gif


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