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August 2018 Update

Indonesia proclaimed her Independence on August 17th 1945, This year Indonesia celebrates its 73rd year of the Proclamation of Independence, Every year this historic event is celebrated with numerous exciting events throughout the nation that are aimed at enhancing Unity in Diversity.

In this historic event, DealPOS launching new features to make your work easier. Here is the update of our application for this month:

1. Sell, Buy, Adjustment, Delivery, Estimate – New UI for complete

We have new UI appearances of the Sell, Buy, Adjustment, Delivery, Estimate to make it easier for you specifically on the sell page that you can easily see the changes from your sales and in the front page you will be able to fill your customer email quickly.


2. Hide Promotion Code in the Receipt

Like our explanation on the article before, we have a new feature to give discount by entering coupons on the sell page. And by default the coupon will appear on the invoice printing.
But there are some conditions that do not want to appear the coupon information on the invoice because it is private.
So in this feature we give you the option to appear / disappear coupons on the invoices. (1).gif

3. How to keep an invoice number even though there is a parked order is deleted.

The invoice number will remain in sequence even if there is a deleted Park.
By activating this configuration, you do not need to worry about the invoice number that is not in order because there is a park that was deleted, because the invoice number will remain in sequence even though there is a park that was deleted, Because the invoice number with the park number we distinguish.

4. Import product images in bulk with CSV

Some of our clients complains to us about insert image manually (one by one). In this feature, we give you a best way that make you easier to insert image with bulk image.
When you want to insert bulk image on the products, you only need to add 1 column with colomn name is “ProductImageURL” and insert your image url in the colomn.

Import product images in bulk with CSV

5. Sales Order – add export to csv

In the sales order page we have added a new function in the form of export to csv that you can process the data of sales order.


6. Add new Role for editorpricebook in sell menu

This new role can help you when you did not permission the cashier to edit the selling price, but you give the cashier access to select pricebooks manually.

Add new role for editor Pricebook in sell menu.gif

7. Orders – Customer Invoice – gives a red color when an invoice is due

At this time you might difficult to see invoices that are past due, so to make you easy to see the invoices we give a red mark in the form that has passed due.

8. Register Closure – Show Expense in Printing and Register Closure Info

You can provide expense at closure, such as fee for water or etc.
and at this time the expenses will appear in printing closures and register closure info.


  1. Thank you for contact us. We will fix it as soon as possible. For a while, you must change view in your Chrome browser, go to More Menu -> Checklist “Desktop Site” view.


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