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May 2018 Update

Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. Labour Day has its origins in the labour union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

So that this May is quite a busy month in DealPOS, this month We make some new feature in DealPOS that will help Your work easier.

Here is what’s new from our program :

1. Happy Hour Promotion

After a lot of request about this happy hour feature, finally this promotion is coming to dealPOS. So you can make the promotion based on date and time, maybe the promotion when lunch time, midnight promotion, etc. What’s great about this you don’t have to input the product in to the promotion manually, because we provide import feature to make you easier to input the product.


2. Pricebook for Selected Outlet

Have a  lot of outlet and hard to change the Pricebook price by telling your outlet admin one by one?

We have a solution for that just use our pricebook for selected outlet feature, You can assign your desired pricebook price at any oulet You want!


3. View Parked Order List

Having trouble to look at parked order in your cashier? No problem. We have the solution for that, you can look at the transaction that still in Park Order in a list, so You can filter it according to date, customer and product.

park order

4. Payment Grouping

Have a lot of cooperation with Bank or another payment method but worry to make your payment menu looks crowded and confused to use?

Don’t worry we are prepared for that just simply group the payment method You wish to group it and your payment menu will look organized and simple to use.

payment group

5. Product – New type for Brand

Needless to say that every product need its brand for the identity of the product. So you can sort and search every product by Your most valuable Brand !

6. Sell – Contact Suggestion

Hard to type the customer full name or the customer’s name is too long to type? We can help You with that. Just Type a little bit of your customer name and we have some name suggestion for that then You can just use it if it’s your customer’s name.

7. Setting Maximum Product/Variant Display

Have a lot of product/variant and You want to display as much as possible at Your product menu? We update this matter to make You easier to look at the product that You have input.

Thank you for using DealPOS, and We hope we can continuously improve to make your work easier and build a better POS program for Our Customer.

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