Monthly Newsletter Products Update

March 2018 Update

Every March 3rd, the world celebrate the World Wildlife Day, for your information this day was proposed by Thailand, to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora.

To celebrate this day, here is our celebration update in this month from our program :

1. Report Detail – add filter Customer Group

Having trouble to look at the report according to Customer Group? We can help you with that, now we add new filter field to filter the customer transaction according to customer group, so you don’t need to look for it one by one (4).gif

2. Products – Support add expense in Product

If you have additional cost when you buy the product, you can input the cost in import product and then insert the value at UnitExpense column. Later, you can look the total expense of your product from Report menu – Outlet Performance

3. All Promotion Support Import and Export

Right now you can import the promotion you have made to excel file, so you can control your promotion easier and then if something wrong with the promotion you can revise it and then export to our system. Easy and simple right?

4. My Subscription – can check user list payment

To help you track the invoice history, now you can check your invoice history from my subscription menu for your DealPOS Link.

5. Promotion Coupon – Import Coupon code

Having trouble to input your promotion coupon one by one? About how much your coupon can be used or valid until when or how much coupon is available. You can import. We can help you using import menu in out promotion menu by upload you excel file your promotion coupon is available to be used.

6. Integration with

For customer that often look at their email, there are a lot of promotion that have been given by the seller, all that promotion  were done by mailchimp. Now, DealPOS has  integrated with mailchimp, so if you want to promote your promotion product you can just simply click the button that will integrated you with mailchimp

7. Sell – split quantity

In a cafe/restaurant, people will eat with their friends/work mate. Not everyday people will pay all the bill. So with our new feature we can split bill so the payment can be done according to the order that he/she order.

8. Report Detail – Export with tax

In our report menu, we already add tax report per product so the report is more complete than before. (5).gif

That’s the update for March, it’s quite helpful right? We hope that we always can make your work easier and simple. Thank you for reading our post and join us now to make your business more efficient/

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