Monthly Newsletter Products Update

January 2018 Update

Happy New Year ! We wish you a great and prosper year for all of you ! We continue our work in this new year and we will continue to improve to satisfy our customer. Lets see what our new updates in this new year:

1. Setup – Suspend Payment Method

Too many payment method in your sell menu? don’t worry we can suspend that payment method so it didn’t make your payment menu look full. Just go to setup menu and suspend the payment menu, easy step to make your work simpler.

2. Quick Key – be able to More than 16 and Choose Base on Category

Improvement to our quick key to make you easier when you sell a product, now you can insert the quick key for more than 16 items so it will help you a lot to choose your best seller product per category easier to search when you want to sell the product.


3. Report – Outlet Performance add column “Target” and “Achievement”

Need to set your target and want to see the achievement that your outlet has made? we can solve that problem, now you can insert the target for your outlet in outlet menu and you can look at how much that outlet achieve in report menu.

4. Add New export product – Export with Min and Max products inventory

Our new feature to help you report the minimum and maximum products that you can have in your outlet/store/warehouse. If the maximum quantity is exceed you can send it to another outlet or if product has passed the minimum quantity, you had to order the products. And you can export minimum and maximum in product menu

5. Report – Products Sales

Now you can input reorder point directly from Product Sales menu, and you don’t have to complicate things when you want to insert reorder point

That’s the new update for this new year, We hope that with this brand new updates will help you to get new improvement to your store/business. Thank you for reading.

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