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April 2018 Update

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day events in more than 193 countries are now coordinated globally by Earth Day Network.

Besides to support the environmental protection, We also provide the support for You. Here is what’s new in April from our program :

1. Sell – New UI and Structure in Offline

For our customer, We commit to make your work easier. For some case on when your internet down/offline mode, We provide new UI and Structure that will make your work no different between online and offline mode.

2. Add New Information for Gross in the End of Day Mail

To complete your end of day report, We provide with the report of Gross so you know how much sales and discount did your outlet sell.

3. Sell – If user input email on E-receipt, it’ll be automatically create a customer contact

Forget to input customer name when they buy your product and want the receipt to be mailed? No problem, We can take care of that. Just insert the email address when You want to email the receipt and then our system will automatically add that email as your customer (2).gif

4. Add New Report Called Product Sales VS Delivery

Need to compare how much product You send from warehouse to your outlet? We have the report for that. So, You can look at which product that has good sales and You can use that for various usage. You can see this report in Report Menu – Product Sales – By Outlet – Product Sales Vs Delivery (3).gif

5. Set the Delivery Schedule for Ordered Products

Want to sell product that You don’t have the inventory but You worry that You will forget to send the product? We have a solution for that. Just insert the date and time You want to send the product and our system will record when You want to send the product so You don’t miss it

6. Give Full Access in Sell menu with Coupon

Usually cashier can only access limited feature at Sell Menu, but in some occasion when cashier need to use the feature that disabled for cashier, as the owner you can give the cashier full access to enable all the feature on sell menu.

7. Buy Menu now Support the Return Feature by using Purchase Invoice

Need to return the inventory you have bought and need to adjust the inventory at the same time? No Worry, We can cover that by using return at buy menu, so your inventory can adjust from how many product you have returned in a simple way.

Thank you for using DealPOS, and We hope this update wil help you and make your works easier and we can move a step to be a better POS program for Our Customer.

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